With Remote Printing you can shoot a photo, edit and send it to any Socialmatic user. With all your love.
Mood Assistant help you to know your camera.
Shoot, share and print. More and more. Be a leader on the Socialmatic Network.
Keep alive your creativity. And your Socialmatic, too.
Be modern with style, be part of the future, retrieving good sensations by the past.
Because having a Socialmatic doesn't mean only to have a digital camera.
Doesn't matter if you're a PC or a Mac, a smartphone 
or a tablet. Socialmatic Network will be with you, 
everywhere and on every devices.
Shoot, share and print. Again and again.
Your Socialmatic will be more and more happy.
14Mpx Frontal Camera
2Mpx Rear CameraLED Flash
4.3” Touchscreen
4GB Internal Storage
Stereo Speakers
GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
Frontal LCD with Mood Assistant A.I. 
Socialmatic Instant Filters
Zink Instant Printer
Remote Printing Capabilities
SD-HDC for External Storage
Socialmatic Network Compliant
New features, sleek design,
more powerful, high integration.

Welcome to the new way to
intend the digital photography.
The first camera of Socialmatic, designed and projected by ADR Studio.
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