Born in Italy – but a world citizen – Antonio De Rosa approached the world of communications and marketing from a young age, starting with a very formative experience in the video-game industry, where he has been in charge in various roles, from the graphic designer to the project manager. 
Completed the studies with a Master in Communication and Marketing specializing in Creative Direction, he started his career with positions in big advertising agencies in Italy, the USA, and Asia, working as Web Designer, Senior Graphic Designer, and Art Director. 
His knowledge has expanded thanks to numerous involvement in international campaigns and with many companies in the IT area in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. During these years, he continues to follow his passion for the Industrial Design area by designing several mobile devices, hi-fi systems, and home entertainment systems for many OEM manufacturers. Some years later, He discovered Network Marketing. 
He has become a specialist in marketing and communications for major companies in the industry, thanks to his experience with social networking, relationship marketing, and community building. Truly a visionary and an innovator, He started to have a considerable reputation for his concepts on the web regarding future Apple products, like the iWatch (2010), that anticipated the launch of the Apple Watch by 5 years. 
In addition to a long list of acclaimed iPhone mockups published on the most acclaimed IT magazines in the world. In 2012, Socialmatic LLC created a new IT Photo-Company focused on creativity and innovative products in the photo/image area. With Socialmatic, he won the Best Innovation Award at CES in Las Vegas for two years (2014 / 2015) and the Star Award 2015 at Photokina, in Cologne, Germany. 
He continues his career in Network Marketing, becoming one of the first Chief Design Officer in the industry, a role with which he won the Top Direct Selling Product 2017 in 2017. In 2019 he has been appointed Ambassador of Network Marketing by the online magazine Business For Home. 
ADR Studio Marketing and Communication, his design firm in Singapore, Italy and India, continues to serve with success and professionalism customers worldwide.
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