Socialmatic Camera
The First Crowd Wanted Camera
Everyday thousands of users ask us more details about Socialmatic Camera.
Now it’s the moment to release an important statement about the project.
Let’s start with the Brand.
Socialmatic is a new brand created by ADR Studio and Shishakin Consulting in order to make real an Internet dream: the first camera “crowd wanted”.
The project is started like a joke, imitating the Instagram icon, but it’s became real very soon, thanks to the passion of the our business partners.
Now, Socialmatic is an independent project, a real company, an amazing product.
It’s not involved in any partnership with Instagram or Facebook. For this matter, the official name of the project is Socialmatic and not Instagram Socialmatic.
We’ve chooses Android as main OS and now we are creating a new OS substrate to create an amazing experience of Photography:
- Live the emotions;
- Take a shoot;
- Apply a proprietary photo filter;
- Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or send by Email or MMS (!);
- Print it, add a comment, pull off the auto-adhesive strip and share it in the real world;

Thanks to our engineering partner Global Mobile Network Inc. , we can officially present the entire Socialmatic Family.
Based on the first model SM01PR, we will have 4 version.
You can choose between 16GB or 32GB of mass storage with WiFi only or WiFi and 3G connectivity.
All of this with a new SC HD slot for external mass storage.
Take a look to the photos to better understand the detailed specifications!
Last notice, but not least: Socilmatic is not in pre-ordering. Please deny all the invitations to pre-order this product. Please follow only the official channels.
Be Ready for Socialmatic.
Socialmatic Corp.
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