One touch beyond.
This is my personal homage to the Mac with a plenty of new features.
Now Mac has a revolving and adjustable touchscreen. And not only.
The I/O features are amazing.
Apple Touchboard is a new generation keyboard, wireless and… fretless. It has a unique touch screen that can be a touch keyboard or a secondary screen to skyrocket the experience of input for Mac. On both sides, you can find two Touch ID for your finger.
Apple Touchmouse allows you to raise the bar of control. Together with Apple Touchpen, gives you a new set of gestures and touch inputs that expand your creativity and your commands. Both of them can be charged wirelessly with Chargepad.
Apple Mac doesn’t forget productivity with 3 USB 3.0 ports, 3 Thunderbolt ports, audio I/o and SD Card reader.
All of this in an astonishing aluminum base and a 27” screen supported by one titanium arm with active connection.
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